June in Bulgaria is the month of the rose, the main flower symbol. And many gorgeous rose landscapes become must-visit places in Bulgaria. With this post, I share information on the most beautiful locations with roses in Bulgaria, where one can take pictures up to November.

Bulgaria is one of the biggest rose-oil producers in the world, and a country that has been closely related to the beautiful flower for centuries.

These days, flowers are starting to bloom in their wide varieties, and this beauty is celebrated with the Festival of Roses and beautiful photo sessions.

The season of roses: 7 best places to visit in Bulgaria + map
Pomorie Beach © Photo: Tatyana Garkavaya

The Rose Museum, Kazanlak (part of the Rose Valley) is one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria where you can learn about the history of rose production, see the best species of flowers and acquire a wide range of rose products: rose oil, rose water, rose jam, etc.

The museum with 15000 artefacts devoted to the history of the rose oil production in Bulgaria and its garden of 1000 blossoming roses is an iconic landmark and a must-visit attraction in Bulgaria.

The unique place sheds light on the history of the European perfume industry for the last three centuries.

Museum of Roses Kazanlak1
The Rose Museum, Kazanlak
© Photo: Tatyana Garkavaya

The new building with an impressive rose garden has been home to the Rose Museum for just five years. Before, the Institute of Roses, Essential and Medical Cultures for 50 years had offered educational and cultural activities devoted to rose oil production.
Of all the sections, I liked the one which displays the equipment used for rose oil production. It’s an incredibly laborious process! From 3000 kg of flowers just one kg of rose oil can be extracted.

The gift shop offers visitors a great variety of rose products. It’s possible to have a virtual tour.

Of course, the museum garden is one of the most unique Bulgarian locations, where one can see dozens of varieties of roses. The most iconic and fragrant species is Damascena – the source of rose oil production. With the following map, discover other areas planted with roses across the country.

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