The unforgettable sightseeing tour in Málaga (Spain) begins from Málaga Airport where the arrived visitors encounter the vertical gardens. It’s amazing how smartly the recovering from the long-lasting pandemic city integrated ecological ideas into their environments. Consider exploring other fun Málaga sights: The Atarazanas Market, Málaga’s Roman Theatre, Málaga Cathedral and the Soho Street Art district!

Málaga Airport


With its innovative vertical gardens, Malaga Airport is definitely one of the most interesting attractions of Malaga. With over 20 plant species, the massive green panels all over the terminal building represent the first tourist attraction guests see in the city.


Covering 400 square meters, the diverse vegetation consists of foreign exotic herbs and flowers known for their resistance: alternanthera, caladium, chamaedorea, chlorophytum, drosanthemum, ophiopogon, pittosporum and tradescantia.

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The purposes of the vertical gardens are multifunctional: they act as decorations, air cleaners and stress reliefs.

Soho Street Art District

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With over 100 murals covering walls, the riverside neighborhood of Soho represents an impressive open-air street art museum. The works of the world-renowned artists like British D*Face and local mural painters are in one space.

5 Must See Exciting Attractions of Malaga

Almost ten years ago, the city of Málaga launched a large-scale project MAUS (the Spanish acronym for Urban Art in Soho Malaga) devoted to the renovation of the centre of Malaga through art. It’s gradually transforming the city’s shabby areas into a modern outdoor gallery. It was particularly curious to explore the messages of the artworks and their juxtaposition with other urban objects.

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To prepare yourself for a street art walk around Málaga, you can explore different blogs (as I did:), for instance, with this one you can choose directions, top tips & essential info, and with this one make sense of the authors of mural paintings and art styles.

The Atarazanas Market

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The Atarazanas Market may be another interesting destination that offers interesting things to do in Málaga. The impressive 14-century-old building in Arabic style with gorgeous mosaics serves as an architectural monument and a lively street market with authentic local produce: fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, different nuts, and spices.

While wandering around the Atarazanas Market, the visitors can sample different traditional tapas dishes and beverages and learn about the celebrated regional food culture.


The main entrance, an imposing horseshoe archway in off-white marble, is the only remaining part of what was once a spectacular seven-arched shipyard – ataranzas in Arabic and old Castellano.

Málaga’s Roman Theatre

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Málaga’s Roman Theatre is another must-visit tourist destination in Málaga. Constructed in the time of Augustus in the 1st century AD, it was in use until the 3rd century.

5 Must See Exciting Attractions of Malaga RomanTheatre

The theatre is the remaining symbol of Roman Hispania in the city. On the spot, visitors can experience the ancient architecture and learn about the life and customs of the time in the innovative multimedia presentation.

The best ways to experience the place is to attend one of the events on the site.

Málaga Cathedral (La Manquita)

5 Must See Exciting Attractions of Malaga MalagaCathedral

Málaga Cathedral is one of the best Andalusian Renaissance temples. Located in the historic centre of the town, the building complex of Málaga Cathedral in the Gothic style boasts its own garden and a magnificent courtyard.

The original outdoor landscape design offers great opportunities for photo sessions and relaxation in a peaceful place.
The interior of the cathedral has Renaissance and Baroque influences. Construction works lasted from the 16 to 18th centuries, so the place represents an original mix of architectural styles.

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