How many must-visit places in Liverpool can be explored in one day? After a weekend visit to the city, I drew the following guide of must-visit places of Liverpool that reflect its different dimensions: music, architecture, and art.

Authentic attractions of Liverpool: Street music

Since holding the status of the European Capital of Culture – 2008, the number of attractions in Liverpool has increased significantly. Street musicians of different genres are the most salient expression of the city culture. You can see and hear them everywhere. On my visit in November, I encountered six musical performances in one day!

The Royal Albert Dock and the Wheel of Liverpool

  • The Royal Albert Dock and the Wheel of Liverpool

The former warehouse is an iconic building of the Victorian era. It was one of the world’s major trading centers during the 18-19th centuries, a pioneer of port management, and the starting point for migration to America. Now it hosts galleries, shops, hotels, and museums (Beatles Museum and Merseyside Maritime Museum).

5 Unique Attractions of Liverpool in One Weekend
5 Unique Attractions of Liverpool in One Weekend: the Wheel of Liverpool. © Tatyana Garkavaya

The Wheel is the tallest object in the complex, 60 meters. The one ride is approximately 10 minutes.

The Beatles Statue – one of the must-visit places in Liverpool!

The most popular selfie spot in Liverpool was added to Waterfront in 2015. Its placement was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the band’s last gig played in Liverpool.

And it very quickly became one of the most-visited attractions of Liverpool. During the day there is music and a long line of tourists.

Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool
Museum of Liverpool. © Tatyana Garkavaya

The place where you can familiarize yourself with the legendary tales of Liverpool: the building of Titanic and the Beatles stories.

  • Museum of Liverpool

My visit coincided with the exhibition Double Fantasy about the life, creative work, and activism of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A very interactive display: screens with interviews and music, a wall for notes and installations!

Paul Curtis Artwork

Six dancers in white suits by Paul Curtis
Six dancers in white suits by Paul Curtis. © Tatyana Garkavaya

Liverpool is famous for its wall painting, and some websites offer a great map of Liverpool street art. My favorite artwork is six dancers in white suits by Paul Curtis (a Liverpool-based artist specializing in street art and large murals). I love its minimalistic palette; the artist used just three colors. Probably, it is the least colorful artwork in the city but very stylish!

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