Tatyana Garkavaya, Communications Consultant / Inspiring Tutor / Front-End Developer

I will be happy to help you to boost your personal and professional development. Unlock your linguistic potential with my English / Ukrainian / Bulgarian / Russian classes (just from $5 / hour!). Boost your business online presence with effective and SEO-adapted blog posts (just from $ 20 / article!). Raise your brand profile with a functional website (just from $50 / website!).

Award-winning communication specialist, blogger, and multilingual content strategist with proven 20+ years of experience in various socio-cultural environments. Lifestyle writing, Informal Teaching, Cross-Cultural Communication, Web Development are my main specializations.

With professional training in Journalism, Corporate Communication, PR, and Digital Marketing, I have the skills and respective experience to

– Develop speaking activities for children and adults
– Build websites for different businesses
– Create digital marketing content (text, visual, video)
– Run blogs
– Manage social media groups
– Make logos, create brochures and develop successful communication brand strategies

I base my work on:
Research. Due to my background in investigative journalism, I approach any topic with extensive research with the application of professional communication methods and an interdisciplinary lens. This also includes fact-checking, editing, and proofreading.
Culture focus. I will adapt your content to different audiences. As a communications specialist, I have worked with people from different walks of life (international volunteers for cultural projects, experts in arbitration and mediation, business people, environmentalists, and politicians). As a keen traveller, I have explored over 20 countries and lived in a quarter of them.
Clarity. Thanks to the experience of working with different communities, I am willing to create clear messages for different publics, from schoolchildren, and pundits.
Creativity. I created short and long-form content by applying different storytelling methods. Except for professional writing skills, I have proficiency in creating visual content (certifications in Digital Marketing, Adobe Illustrator, and experience in using Photoshop).
Efficiency. Thanks to my training across key communications disciplines, I will find for your case the best approach that will help you to connect with the target audience and achieve your goals.

Extensive Experience with Web and print content development. Creative-problem solving. Community building. Research & Fact-Checking. Google Analytics. SEO/PPC. CMS. Google Suit. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Tableau, Canva, Piktochart. Mailchimp

If you want to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration and explore my portfolio, contact me on LinkedIn.