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Hello, my name’s Tatyana Garkavaya, I’m a creator and author of this award-winning blog, a Lifestyle Writer and an enthusiastic traveller.

This blog was inspired by my volunteer experience and sustainable practices of the project European Capital of Culture (ECoC).

In 2018, I devoted my master’s thesis at the University of Milan to the analysis of the communication strategies of Aarhus 2017 and Pafos 2017. This followed by my volunteering and internship at Plovdiv 2019 and Galway 2020. For several years, I’ve met dozens of creative practitioners from the past, current and future ECoCs. We still continue staying in touch and exchange our experiences.

I am truly pleased that for one year, Cultural Insights has become a networking platform for art lovers and sustainable travellers who favour sustainable living, volunteering and lifelong learning.

In 2020, my blog reached the final of the Bulgarian national competition in green journalism in the category ‘Blog’ and in 2021 it was among the TOP 20 best social and ecological initiatives in Bulgaria.

You can find more details about sustainable lifestyles in different countries in my interviews with creative practitioners of Plovdiv 2019 (Bulgaria), Kaunas 2022 (Lithuania) and Veszprem-Balaton 2023 (Hungary) and my accounts about my visits to Athens (Greece), Paris (France), and Liverpool (England).

Additionally, I share personal discoveries during my journeys which I often combine with volunteering. The posts Counting dolphins in the Black Sea and My discoveries with Galway 2020 are good examples.

Original experiences found in Bulgaria particularly strongly resonate with me and definitely form the strong basis of my blog. I enjoy exploring the interplay of culture and nature from childhood. Especially, the cultures I’m affiliated with by birth – Bulgarian and Ukrainian ones.

The motto of Cultural InsightsShare Ideas & Inspire Changes – reflects my personal credo and lifestyle. By exchanging experiences, we enrich our lives, get inspiration and find support.

The content of this blog is 100% original and created by me in 2 languages, English and Bulgarian, with the use of best communication practices and digital tools.

For 13 years I worked as a journalist in newspapers and digital media (Ukraine and Russia) and for 3 years as a PR manager of a non-governmental organization engaged in alternative dispute resolution methods – arbitration and mediation (Russia).

For the last 5 years, I’ve been working freelance as a communication consultant helping small businesses to prepare advertising, communication and PR strategies.

As an award-winning communications specialist, for 20 years of my career, I’ve developed portfolios in 4 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian (3 my mother tongues), and English across a variety of platforms, including print and online social media.

As an avid traveller, I’ve visited over 20 countries and lived in a quarter of them for study, work, or volunteer purposes (Russia, Italy, England and Bulgaria). Cultural Insights helps me explore and promote the best sustainable travel practices, and constantly meet incredible people that shape the cultural heritage across Europe and develop modern culture.

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