For two years self-taught designer and illustrator czikkcakk (Panni Czikkely) from Veszprem-Balaton has created the Instagram community pannifalva with 20 000 + followers and collaborated with many fashion brands. In the following interview, 26-years-old Panni shares the pros and cons of being an Instagram celebrity and practical tips on managing a personal account.

Panni, which topics do you prefer to work with?

People, feelings, nature and the fusion of these… I live for creating art and giving people a piece of my creativity to enjoy.

What are your projects about?

For the fourth year in a row I made calendars with my art.

Useful Ideas from Hungarian Designer czikkcakk, Veszprem-Balaton 2023

And I had very fruitful collaborations. I’d been dreaming of making a diary for a long time and with Fatimapanka my dream came true. Illustrating a storybook was another my aspiration, and it was great to get a request from Diána Molnár to illustrate her book ‘DinnaDalok’.

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The wrappings of the ‘Flancos’ clothing line were real works of love, I immediately recognised the message the brand wanted to create for their customers. I also designed four new patterns for the baby clothing brand ‘4babies’.

Useful Ideas from Hungarian Designer czikkcakk, Veszprem-Balaton 2023

Last March ‘Springfield’ selected me to represent Hungarian artists and express what femininity and authenticity meant to me. I’ve worked with Dorina László on many video clips, I made animations. With Dorina, we also have a common brand Cakkompakkom and sew reusable shopping bags with my patterns.

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What fuels your creativity?

Coffee is my lifeblood, humour and my plants are my essences.

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20000+ pannifalva followers. You’re engaged in quite an intensive cultural exchange. Must be challenging…

Definitely! First, I used my Instagram as an album for my works, and I was amazed at how those beautiful pictures moved people. Then, two years ago I read some articles on influencer-marketing and started to run my account more consciously.


The pros were new valuable personal and professional experiences, I enjoyed being a supportive creator of community and feeling kindness and motivation from my followers.

The cons had to do with the fact that you always had to be there, it’s so time-consuming. And there is also a need for dealing with the thieves that prey on those that have a lot of followers.

What lesson did you learn?

One must accept that appealing to everyone is impossible. And art cannot be copied. Thieves are always a few steps short of the real deal, so don’t get as distressed as I used to.

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In your opinion, is it possible for amateur artists to turn their hobby into a source of income?

I am mostly self-taught and only took two drawing classes at an art school. Many inspiring and educational courses are available online. I have a Skillshare account and strive to learn something new every month.

People who would like to make some money out of all this have to be very conscious and determined because the market is very competitive.

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You have recently had a workshop at Pannon UniFest. What it was about?

It was an online event this time but my video is still available. I talked about my Instagram experience, my current collaborations and I also shared some tips on managing an Instagram profile better.

Your home region Veszprem-Balaton is preparing to hold the status of the future European Capital of Culture in 2023. As a local, can you share some insights on the best place to visit?

Lake Balaton is the best place for everything: photo sessions, bike trips and great picnics! And it’s a great source of inspiration too. Last year’s bike trips around the lake resulted in a series of six works that represented different faces of the lake.

Veszprem Balaton 2023

Images & Illustrations: Panni Czikkely Get more inspiration from czikkcakk and become part of his pannifalva community on Instagram.

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