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This book is a collaborative guide to sustainable holidays in Bulgaria focused on bird watching and the protection of birds habitats. Over 10 conservation projects in different Bulgarian regions, in which I participated personally!

  • Based on 30 interviews
  • Birding & Conservation
  • The best bird-watching spots in Bulgaria!

The guide is the final stage of my ethnographic study ‘Mapping Sustainable Holidays in Bulgaria: Combine Volunteering and Holidays!’. It consisted of articles, lectures and a book. With this project, I aim to promote volunteering in Bulgaria as a meaningful pastime and a tool for personal growth and development and, at the same time, I want to support volunteers by offering them practical workshops.

At the final stage of my ethnographic study, July – December 2021, I won a grant from the Bulgarian Fund for Women. It allowed me to organize more lectures and workshops in the context of the Pomorie Lake Volunteer Brigade and reward the volunteers with prizes. More details are in my previous post.

5 Highlights of Insights into Conservation Volunteer Bird Watching Holidays in Bulgaria
  • The major Bulgarian citizen science project in Durankulak – Durankulak Bird-ringing Camp by the 4 partners: the National Museum of Natural History and the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Balkani Wildlife Society, and Branta Birding Lodge & Conservation Centre. The international partner is Dutch bird ringer Patrick Bergkamp who provided the equipment for the research.

Table of Contents

The Islands of Hope for Birds and People
Chapters Overview
Chapter 1 Deciphering green narratives
1.1 Values, Volunteering and Peer-to-peer learning
1.2 Sociosemiotic ethnography
1.3 Participatory action research 
1.4 The prospects for Bulgaria
Chapter 2 Bulgarian collaborative practices: a historical overview
2.1 The chitalishta in Bulgaria and life-long learning
2.2 The Bulgarian Brigadier Movement and cultural ‘colonization’ of society 
2.3 Modern eco-initiatives and alternative tourism 
Chapter 3 The Conservation Camp Atanasovsko Lake: Collaborations
3.1 The summer camp for like-minded nature lovers
3.2 Counting birds: nature is a book, and species are its alphabets
3.3 The campsite for reconsidering values 
3.4 Developing curiosity for birds
Chapter 4 Pomorie Lake Volunteer Brigade: Choices
4.1 The Symbol of the Brigade
4.2 Half-time Holidays with Full-time Fun
4.3 Recording a Sensation 
4.4 Challenging Gender Stereotypes 
Additional Insights: Case study: Interactive online communication for ecological projects
Chapter 5 Stara Zagora Wildlife Rescue Centre: Names
5.1 Disabled birds on special missions
5.2 How I adopted 4 wild birds
5.3 Witnessing bird operations
Additional Insights: Species restoration: Vultures in Sinite Kamani Nature Park
Chapter 6 Durankulak Bird Ringing Camp: Sunrises
6.1 The caught birds, photo sessions and the ethics
6.2 Delayed Flight
6.3 Women and Children in the Ornithological World
Additional Insights: 2 Useful Online Tools for Identifying Birds