The Balis and Eyrene by Fireter will be the biggest premiere at 6fest Street Art Festival. It will be performed on the iconic place – Plovdiv Roman Stadium, built the 2d century AD. The team have been working on the show for one year. The preparation for the festival overlaps with the 6 fest crowdfunding campaign and the salary of artists depend on the support of the spectacles.

In the very last days before the festival, we discussed uneasy topics on the balance in creativity, finances and nature in the peaceful environment of Sofia University Botanical Garden. With Plamen Ivanov, Fireter producer, and Silvia Katsarska, an actress, we also talked about the hidden potential of unexplored options for Bulgarian artists.

Harmonizing the performance through duality

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‘The fairy-like legend about night and day is about harmony and the eternal fight between the good and the bad, – said Silvia. – Each of the eight actors can experience the topic by playing two opposite roles. This duality is inherent in life and human nature, and it’s very interesting for us to try it in the same performance’.

For the preparation of Balis and Eyrene Fireter works with the best creative professional in Bulgaria, among others are the world-renown Arabesque Contemporary Dance Company (Sofia) founded in 1967.

‘The current repetition process of our fairy-tale is rather a cherry on the cake, – pointed out Plamen. – This preceded by a lot of work with the composer, costume-makers, the selection of the right spot for our fairy-tale that can help us to express its meaning. I think the ancient places, like Plovdiv Roman Theatre is the best option, and later we intend to perform it on other similar places in Bulgaria, like Nessebar, for instance ’.

There’re different options for self-expression…

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Commenting on 6fest crowdfunding campaign launched to gather the money for the artists’ salaries, Plamen Ivanov offers a rather unconventional view:

‘First of all, 6fest Street Art Festival is a unique event for Bulgaria because it’s for the first time it focuses solely on fire performances. Consequently, for young artists who practice this type of art, it’s a great opportunity to get some public acknowledgement and present themselves before a wide public.

Second, it’s essential to be flexible and consider different comfortable for everyone options for self-expression, there’re a lot of ones that are less expensive and time-consuming. For those who don’t invest money in expensive costumes and decorations, it’s absolutely realistic’.

How to live up Botanical Gardens with performances

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Our discussion followed by an exploration of the beauty of the Botanical Garden of Sofia University Saint Kliment Ohridski situated in the city centre. It’s one of the oldest Bulgarian gardens with an interesting history. It was established in 1892 by the first Bulgarian professor in botany Prof. Stefan Georgiev.

There’re over 1500 species in the Garden, but the most iconic and biggest one is an oak tree planted by Tsar Ferdinand who put a golden coin in its roots.

‘The role of Ferdinand has played a critical role in the history of the Garden and helped to prevent from transferring it into the facilities of the Law departments, – shared some insights Plamen Ivanov, a former biological student who spent a lot of time in the Garden. – Such places have great potential for the cultural development of young generations, and they are a bit overlooked. I think it’d be great to offer young people to organize some performances in Botanical Gardens. In this way, they can support environmental causes and develop their creative potential’.

Fireter continues exploring creative harmony with their thought-provoking performances that represent the best examples of fire art for younger artists. Express your support for the artists by donating for 6fest crowdfunding campaign.

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This post is part of #6festhotweek, a communication campaign an ethnographic study I launched in the support of the 7 Bulgarian fire art-group, the participants of 6fest. More details about the other participants of 6fest and the crowdfunding campaign are on my Facebook and this, this, this, this and this posts.