A sleeping overweight mermaid, a gigantic elephant, a set of castles, animals and people’s heads made part of the first of this season’s free sand art workshops on the Burgas beach (Bulgaria). With this art initiative, twice a week, sand artists Remy and Paul Hoggard bring together people of different ages and nationalities in creative masterclasses.

free sand sculpture workshops in Burgas with sand artists Remy and Paul Hoggard

Every Saturday and Sunday, the area next to Baywatch turns the Burgas beach into an outdoor laboratory with an exhibition. Sand and seawater are the materials for everyone who wants to make their own sand sculpture.

The main participants are children with their parents, yet everyone is welcome to join the activities. The participants can copy the offered samples, for instance, a human face or a castle, or get guided support for their own creative ideas. ‘You can create of sand everything you want to; the only limit is your imagination, – states Remy.

The organizers of this initiative are the Burgas-based sand artists Remy and Paul Hoggard from the Netherland. For the two decades of their career, they created thousands of sand sculptures for festivals, seasonal events, art galleries, books, and magazines in Bulgaria, the UK, Europe, the Americas, China, India and Turkey.

In Burgas, the artists weekly create impressive and thought-provoking masterpieces for their free workshops. The key feature of this weekend’s event was a seductive but slightly overweight mermaid surrounded by dolphins. According to the author of the composition Remy, the message to all women is: ‘Enjoy yourself and accept your body as it is in the new season, forget about standards and stereotypes’.

Learn more about the projects you can create together with Remy and Paul by exploring their website, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Join the sand artists every Saturday and Sunday (from 10.00 to 12.00) on the Burgas beach and share this post to let more people know about the creative sand initiative!

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