Of the seven art-groups of 6fest, the fire group Fenix from Kozloduy is in the remotest area of Bulgaria, over 320 km from Plovdiv. We couldn’t meet because of COVID restrictions. But we had a great online chat with three participants of Fenix: Ileyn Manasieva, Zvezdelina Todorova and Aleksandra Cvetkova. Changes in the scenario, the creative identity of Kozloduy, crowdfunding for Bulgarian creative projects… Phoenix in their own words. Enjoy reading, support them in 6fest crowdfunding campaign and come to their show Roots in Plovdiv on 31 October!

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The magic of fire

We like to play with fire, because of the thrill, the feeling that we are doing something dangerous, exciting, .. something that raises the adrenaline, … something breathtaking, scary … And because it is very beautiful!
Mixing Traditions & Arts

Overcoming Challenges

For us, the participation in 6 Fest is not only a creative challenge but also organizational, logistical, technological and virtual tests. It’s due to both the dynamic changes of Kovid 19 and a great number of our participants who want to perform there. The fire formation ” Phoenix ”includes several groups of participants with continuity with each other, namely: Representative group, which includes employees and students from all over the country, even from England; Group for advanced – with high school students and the youngest Group – beginners (school children aged 7-11).

Reality Driven by Extreme

In theory, the performance Roots includes about 20 participants of different ages, but due to the anti-epidemic measures, only the largest of the Representative Group will be participating in the festival. And the concept of the performance is constantly undergoing natural changes. In practice, the show will be made not in real-time, because the big ones are not with us, in Kozloduy, and in fact – it will be assembled at the moment, on the evening of the show. It’s real extreme!

Anticipating Creative Exchange

The goal of ​​our creative project is, through this participation to gain experience, meet new people, improve our skills and engage in a creative exchange with other similar groups. Such an experience can bring the group many new emotions and motivation for the development of both the individual and our community.
In a small town like ours, different things are perceived much more slowly, in contrast to the big city, where new things tend to quickly gain popularity. For years, this art used to be unfamiliar, dangerous, risky and unusual to us, unlike now – when people admire what we do. At the same time, with this creative project, we want to present our city because we think it deserves it.

Crowdfunding and Creativity: Reconsidering Standards

It is necessary to raise the standards in terms of spirit and values. This is not taught in school, and in the current cultural reality – even less. That is why we welcome such projects that build empathy in the audience, and the viewer becomes part of the event itself. Art is a fleeting experience, it does not produce material goods, but personal growth, which is immeasurable compared to other spheres and products. Perhaps, this is the way to weed out the connoisseurs, and they, in turn, become a kind of repeaters of ideas. We work exclusively with moral and ethical norms and this is very correct for everyone involved in the project!

Come & Enjoy Kozloduy!

Kozloduy is a small, quiet and green town. Along with the historical contribution, the city marks a high-tech development, which constantly improves its appearance in the direction – modern infrastructure and urban cultural environment. Kozloduy is popular with the Kozloduy operating nuclear power plant (NPP), the Radetzky Ship and the great Danube River.

Near the city is Botev Park, with wonderful nature for relaxation and direct connection to the museum, the monument and the ship of the great revolutionary. The city has one of the best cultural bases in Bulgaria – House of Energy at Kozloduy NPP, as well as a unique sports facility with a large swimming complex and conditions for sports and recreation.

That is why we say that our city is a synthesis of past and future, in which we are now – children and young people, and we will be happy if we can ignite and spread the spark of inspiration and creativity as a way of thinking and living.

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This post is part of #6festhotweek, an awareness-raising campaign and ethnographic study, which I launched in support of the 6fest fundraising campaign devoted to gathering funds for the salaries of the festival’s participants –  7 Bulgarian fire art-groups.

I’ve donated some money and want you to do the same. It will help to support the people who shape the heritage in their country and make a difference to their communities

More details are on my Facebook and in this post.