I’m witnessing the preparation of the debut. The whole group Black Fire is carefully rehearsing its show for 6fest and honing each dance set devoted to the seasons of the year. Without music, with music by Motionless, again without music but with different moves…

No one dares to admit to being tired until a planned break is allowed by strict choreograph Diana Stoynova, a student of karate at the National Sports Academy (Sofia), a keen poet and art activist.

‘Why do you love playing with fire?’ – was my first logical question to the youngest participants of 6fest. ‘The fire is not a toy, and it’s dangerous to play with it! We’re not stronger than fire, rather the opposite is true, – argues Diana who is the PR manager of Black Fire as well. – We dance with fire, because we love it, cherish it and hold it in our souls. We strive to learn from its gracefulness and sophistication’.

Black Fire was founded in 2018 by then 16-year teenager Diana who had already had a 2-year experience in fire spinning. She learned fire art from Maria Stoyanova, also a choreograph. They’ve introduced Gabrovo to the fire art at a large scale, involved many youngsters in their art formation with whom frequently participate in local events to support social causes.

The charity concert Hope for Dany in September was one of the most important for Black Fire. With other local artists, they gathered over 3000 levs for an ill child. It’s just a small part of the 80000 needed. But Diana and her team did everything possible to raise public awareness and help Dany: they posted a lot on their social media about the initiative and attracted many of their supporters to support the charity project.

‘We love our audience, and it doesn’t matter if there are 10 or 1000 spectators, we always present the best possible version of our art’, – proudly states Diana. To prepare the 20-minute performance for 6fest, they train twice a week up to three hours every time. For the rehearsals, Diana comes from Sofia to Gabrovo and tirelessly works with her team on each piece of the show.

‘It’s a great honour for us to be part of such a unique event! It’ll be our debut, and we’re looking forward to meeting our audience and presenting the Four Seasons at a national level!’, – says Diana.

Rock it with Four Seasons Made by Gabrovo Black Fire

Don’t miss Four Seasons by Black Fire on 30 October, 18.00 at 6fest, Plovdiv.

Support the 6fest crowdfunding campaign devoted to gathering money for the artists. The government funding was reduced twice, and they need to collect the second part of the sum needed for their salaries.

This post is part of #6festhotweek, an awareness-raising campaign and ethnographic study, which I launched in support of the 6fest fundraising campaign devoted to gathering funds for the salaries of the festival’s participants –  7 Bulgarian fire art-groups. I’ve donated some money and want you to do the same. It will help to support the people who shape the heritage in their country and make a difference to their communities. Support the artists or share posts about the campaign. More details are on my Facebook.