It was the most frequent question at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center during International Birds Day on April 1. Thanks to free admission, hundreds of visitors came to celebrate the occasion at one of the best bird-watching spots in the region.

Birds diversity in Pomorie Lagoon

Over 20 bird species could see guests of the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre the last weekend. Besides the most numerous sandwich terns, there were a lot of avocets, golden finches, and white wagtails. And such birds as the Eurasian oystercatcher and the little bittern were rare observations.

The administration provided visitors with free binoculars and telescopes and offered an interactive excursion with a live stream from the cameras installed across the lakes. And everyone was hopping to spot flamingos at Pomorie Lake.

The best time to observe flamingos

Flamingos at Pomorie Lake
Flamingos feeding at Pomorie Lake. © Tatyana Garkavaya

The best time to see flamingos at Burgas lakes – Pomorie and Burgas – is from September to March. Since 2013 the number of flamingos in the Burgas region has been increasing.

Until recently, Atanasovsko Lake has been the popular choice for flamingos. But for the last three years, Pomorie Lake is becoming the second home for these highly sociable birds.

According to the recent 47th Midwinter Waterfowl Census, more than 2700 flamingos were recorded at Burgas lakes this season.

Plan your visit to Pomorie Lake Visitor Center!

Pomorie Lake makes part of the second largest bird migratory route Via Pontica and annually hosts over 300 bird species. Each season marks different birds’ diversities. Learn more details about summer bird-watching in Pomorie in my other post.

The Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre is one of the cultural objects of the Historical Museum of Pomorie that organizes tour guides and determines the seasonal working hours of the venue. The opening hours at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre in the new season: from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.